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We offer you a horse route suitable for all users, 5 minutes from Córdoba through the magnificent place known as Las Jaras. Leaving our facilities at Hacienda El Cordobés, where you can also see our wild cattle, you will enjoy the magnificent landscapes of Sierra Morena. We put at your disposal our magnificent crossbreed copies and the best professionals.
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L’itinéraire dure environ 2 heures. Elle est réalisée dans une ferme dédiée à l’élevage de taureaux courageux, chevaux et bovins, située dans la province de Cordoue. À l’arrivée à la ferme, l’histoire de la ferme, du bétail et des propriétaires actuels sera expliquée au visiteur. Il y aura une brève introduction à Doma Vaquera et aux principes de l’équitation de travail. Plus tard, nos clients auront la possibilité d’accompagner le maire du bétail pour visiter le bétail dans leurs enclos, partageant une partie de leur journée.

70 EUR. 


The route lasts approximately 3 hours. The departure is made from the Las Cruces farm, dedicated to the breeding of brave bulls, horses and cattle, currently owned by D. Manuel Vázquez Gago, located at Km. 5 of Ctra. A-3151, next to the town of Hornachuelos.
We will head north leaving Las Cruces on the right. A few 200 meters away we will have the chance to see a famous ancient oak.
We will continue along the well-known as Sierra Morena Trail, towards La Cañada Verde, which here is renamed Camino de las Escalonias
We will cross the Cañada Verde towards the Mirador de las Niñas urbanization. Starting point of the Las Escalonias Trail.
From this urbanization we will look for a very steep descent from where the so-called Eagle Trail begins. CONTROL POINT Nº1. Said descent given its inclination and the conditions of its firm, calcareous stone, makes it very elusive for horseshoes, so we will cross it off the beaten track, reassembling once we are already located on the Eagle trail. We will take the so-called Eagle Trail, heading North, until we enter the Las Herrerías Trail, with a semicircular layout.
At this crossing, CONTROL POINT No. 2 is established.
We will cross farms, mainly dedicated to livestock through grazing and the use of natural resources, such as the collection of cork and those known as lime kilns. Once on the Las Herrerías trail, we will continue to the rest area known as Huerta del Rey, taking some 8 km on arrival. From the Huerta del Rey we can visit the Fuente del Conejo, and the pasture of San Antonio, crossing a beautiful cork oak forest. This supposes 6 km more to the route. In the Huerta del Rey area we can make a rest stop to have an aperitif and drink the horses at the well-known Fuente del Valle. We can also see the Hermitage of San Abundio to whom the locals have great devotion, celebrating a popular pilgrimage in his honor on July 11. Here, CONTROL POINT No. 3 is established. From there we will head east along the Las Herrerías path towards the Park Visitors Center, until we reach the Cortijo San Bernardo. Up to this point we would take routes about 12 km approximately. Here we will establish CONTROL POINT Nº4.
At this point there is an intersection with the Guadalora Trail, where we would have the option of heading towards the Visitor Center, to continue later on the A-3151 road, which once past Hornachuelos, will take us to the farm, or take towards the West the path of the Eagle. We will continue along the path of Las Herrerías heading west. Continuing along the Las Herrerías trail, we will arrive at a natural viewpoint with excellent views, from where we can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the Guadalquivir Valley and the Andalusian countryside, and also make out the Sierra Nevada and the Sierras Subbéticas. From location we will be able to understand what was once the Sea of ​​Tethys, which covered the entire Guadalquivir basin, joining the Mediterranean. Upon reaching the junction with the Eagle Trail, take the Eagle Trail south again to Hornachuelos. On the way back we can either go back through the urbanization of Las Niñas viewpoint and Cañada Verde or go down Ctra. A-3151 to Las Cruces. Activity duration: The route is finally 18 km and approximately three hours, or 24 km, and 5 hours including lunch. FROM EUR 70. In summer it is recommended to attend with a polo or T-shirt, sunglasses and sunscreen cream for people with fair skin. In winter it is recommended to use a windbreaker and outerwear.
This activity for all purposes is considered a risky activity, so the client understands and assumes the risks of carrying out this activity.
In any case, it will follow the instructions of the guide or designated monitor. In the event that the monitor decides that one or more of the participants do not meet the minimum conditions necessary to perform the service as it is proposed, it will adapt the service to the capacity of said client, being able to modify the route, duration and manner of providing the service.
70 EUR


The magic of the last sunset of Europe, in the most valuable natural enclave of the old continent, enjoy two hours of walking, tasting a coffee at the foot of the marshes watching as the sun is lost between the eneas, while the sky fills of unique colors. A pleasure for the senses.

EUR 49


It is one of our star and most exclusive routes. Enjoy a magical sunset on the virgin beaches of Doñana, filling you with unique sensations and unforgettable moments. On this route we will enjoy a pleasant horseback ride along the seashore, sighting the sunset, with the light and color so unmatched by the sunsets of our Costa de la Luz.


Montes de Málaga Natural Park has some of the best natural areas in Andalusia to enjoy the horse. Leaving from the municipality of Colmenar, just 20 minutes from the city of Malaga, our services offer you the most beautiful panoramic views of the Costa del Sol and the mountain range of Malaga, as well as other Andalusian provinces.
The mountains of Malaga stand out for the great variety of species of animals and trees and plants that coexist typical of the Mediterranean forest, highlighting mainly the presence of Mediterranean pine.
49 EUR


No previous experience is needed, we have all the hygiene measures. Service offered by the Los Alcornocales Equestrian Center. We are in Olvera (Cadiz) center of Andalusia bordering the province of Malaga and Seville. In addition to the Vía Verde we have a spectacular natural environment where we enjoy walking through Olivos, Sierras, Rivers … between the three provinces. We have tours of 1 hour, 2 hours ….. Full days with food, 2 days, 3 days …. All included. We enjoy in our routes the beautiful towns like; Ronda, Grazalema, Pruna, Sierra de las Nieves, Algodonales, Morón de la frontera, El gastor … Come and live a Unique and Unforgettable Experience.


From the Hipica Las Minas Equestrian Center, located in the town of Aznalcazar, Seville, we make a horseback route of approximately 2 hours through the extraordinary environment of the pine forests of Aznalcarza and the Coto del Marlo in the surroundings of the Doñana Natural Park. You can go on horseback or by horse-drawn carriage. Minimum two people.


It is a program of horseback riding through selected weekend settings, aimed mainly at people who like to enjoy the horse in the natural environment, and who for some reason, do not have the right companions, difficulty transporting horses or simply ignorance of the area, they cannot carry out these activities. The program includes 1 or 2 nights of accommodation, guides, insurance, horse rental, lunch and visits to towns near the environment where we carry out our activities. They will be small groups of 6 to 8 people. If you like our proposal and want to meet people with the same hobby, do not hesitate, send us an email to or a WhatsApp at 646 61 91 71 and we will keep you informed.


A magical route in which to discover and enjoy the Real Vereda de Osuna a Ronda, visiting some unique places surrounded by impressive centuries-old olive trees, holm oaks, cork oaks, shrubs and all the vegetation typical of the Mediterranean scrubland, with the exclusivity of walking along the Corbones river until its birth, in the village of La Atalaya.
Crossing and entering brave, tame and stud farms, opening and closing as many gates are found along the route, from a distance of 80 km. approximately.
Due to its orography, the Andalusian territory it comprises is of a wide variety of landscapes and of particular cultural connotations that make the route go beyond the simple equestrian walk. Through paths steeped in history and on the back of noble horses adapted to the terrain, you can enjoy for two days a truly unforgettable equestrian adventure.
595 EUR

Day 1.
Welcome at the «Casas Rurales Las Viñas» complex and accommodation in our rural houses. After half a day we will all meet on the block, to get to know each other better and explain everything related to the route. Later we will have a first contact with the horses, in order to assign the right horse to each rider.
Day 2.
At 8:00 in the morning, miller breakfast with bread and oil to start the route at 9:00, heading towards the royal path from Osuna to Ronda. First stop in the town of El Saucejo, we will rest for half an hour to have a snack and drink the horses. We will continue along the path until we reach a resting place to have a country lunch, with a stop of about 2 hours approximately, where we will remove all the horses from their mounts to rest, as well as the riders.
At approximately 16:00 hours, we will resume our route to enter the Corbones river above, until we reach its source and a new stop. Later, we will ride to the beautiful Cadiz town of Alcalá del Valle, where our day will end to spend the night in a rural hotel.
Day 3.
We will play Diana again at 8:00 in the morning to start the day with a good breakfast and recharge our batteries for the final stretch of the route that will take us into the Ronda mountains. At 9:00 we will arrive at the block where our companions on the road, the horses, will spend the night. Once all on the back of our horses, we will continue the route until we reach the Malaga of Ronda, the cradle of banditry par excellence, ending our route in the bicentennial Plaza de Toros. We will have a couple of stops to stretch our legs and refresh ourselves with a short snack. Once in Ronda, we will proceed to board our horses in a truck that will transport them to the starting block of the route.
We will visit the bullfighting museum, located in the Plaza de Toros and a brief visit to the city of Ronda, to return by car to our starting point in the «Casas Rurales Las Viñas» complex in Osuna, where we will spend the night again.
Day 4.
Free day to visit the Ducal Villa of Osuna, its monuments, its streets and taste its typical dishes. Final farewell to the participants.


The Gran Ruta de Sierra is a route that runs through an ancient route loaded with history and culture in the heart of Andalusia, such as the GR 48. In 5 days our clients will know the most beautiful landscapes of Sierra Morena and the Guadalquivir River Valley, enjoying their own culture around the horse, the art of Dressage Cowgirl and the origin of the Purebred Spanish Horse. They will also enjoy the best selected accommodations in the region, along with the best gastronomic offer in our environment. During these days, our clients will be able to visit the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, the Archaeological complex of Medina Azahara, both monuments declared a World Heritage Site, in addition to the Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park, the Dehesas of the Moratalla Palace, the Castle de la Floresta and the Royal Stables of Córdoba, all luxury in equestrian tourism. They will be accompanied by the best professionals in equestrian tourism, since all our technicians have extensive experience and are certified as Riding Sports Technicians, with a special focus on offering the best customer service. We also have the best horses for these activities, counting on our stable with horses of great beauty of Purebred Spanish and the best character, so that our clients enjoy the best equestrian experience.
1499 EUR


On our horse route through the Sierras Subbéticas the rider will be able to enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes of nature in Andalusia, where in three days he will also visit one of the most unique natural parks of Andalusia.
495 EUR

Day 1
Departure from Cabra – Arrival in Luque
Day 2
Departure from Luque – Arrival in Carcabuey
Day 3
Departure from Carcabuey – Arrival at Rute


Since its foundation at the end of the 15th century, the Cartuja Monastery has become a cornerstone of the breeding of the Jerez horse. For centuries, the Carthusian monks have been a stud farm that over time will become one of the most famous and appreciated in the world. Currently the Yeguada de la Cartuja – Hierro del Bocado is the most important Carthusian horse reserve in the world, with more than 200 heads growing in freedom.
19 EUR


The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art Foundation, based in Jerez de la Frontera, is known worldwide for its exhibition «How Andalusian Horses Dance», a unique show that exhibits and summarizes, in an apparently natural way, all the work that since its foundation develops this institution.
19 EUR

In May 1973 His Majesty King Juan Carlos I, being Prince of Spain, presented Mr. Álvaro Domecq Romero with the «Golden Horse» in Jerez de la Frontera, the highest equestrian award that is granted annually in our country as recognition to the dedication and work done in favor of the horse world. For this reason, Álvaro Domecq presents for the first time his show «How Andalusian Horses Dance» from which the foundation of what is now the Entity begins. During a first stage, the School developed under the personal management of its creator. Later, the Ministry of Information and Tourism decides to take charge of it, buying the «Recreation of the Chains» from the Duke of Abrantes. The construction of a covered riding arena was then carried out, the work of the architect José Luís Picardo, with a capacity for 1,600 people and stables for 60 horses. In 1982 the Ministry handed over the responsibility for the management of the School to a Board of Trustees, under the protection of the Provincial Council of Cádiz, thus enhancing its national and international relaunch. The Board of Trustees signed in 1983 the purchase of the School. Its creator and founder, Mr. Álvaro Domecq Romero, obtains the position of Technical Director through a public contest. Since 1986 the Board of Trustees has exceeded the most optimistic objectives, finding and providing the Institution with the necessary resources, both financial and human and technical. It is in this same year when the School acquired the stable of D. Pedro Domecq de la Riva, made up of thirty-five Spanish horses and a showy collection of nineteen draft carriages with the corresponding garrisons, some of which date from 1730 , as well as saddle and embroidery for horses and drivers, all pieces of incalculable historical value. In June 1987, S. M. El Rey received the members of the Board of Trustees in a special audience at the Palacio de la Zarzuela, accepting the Presidency of Honor and granting the Entity the name of «Royal School». On October 15 of the same year SS. MM. The Kings Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía preside from the Palco de Honor del picadero the inaugural acts of the then Royal School. In July 2003, the former Royal School Board of Trustees became a Foundation, thereby obtaining solidity in its legal personality and being able to accept private contributions for its development. Although the show «How Andalusian Horses Dance» is, facing the outside, the maximum exponent of the work carried out at the School, there are other aspects that are as important or more for the Entity. Among them we would highlight being a cultural and social vehicle of the Equestrian Heritage; the selection of horses for promotion, the training of High School riders, the conservation and promotion of Dressage and Cowgirl; preserving the prestige of our horsemanship, our breed of Spanish horses, our traditions and our culture; and with their show, being hosts of the province of Cadiz and ambassadors of Spain abroad, making annual tours of various countries.


Horse Racing on the beaches of Sanlúcar de Barrameda at the mouth of the Guadalquivir river, old Betis, are the oldest in the national Turf and have been running since 1845. When these events are held in Sanlúcar and in its unique environment of the Doñana National Park with beaches, marshes and all kinds of gastronomic charms, it constitutes an offer that you must accept at any time of the year. The «Horse Racing» on the beaches of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, are integrated into the national circuit together with those held in San Sebastián, Seville and Mijas and therefore subject to the rules that regulate the official equestrian competitions. Over the years, the «Horse Racing on the Sanlúcar de Barrameda Beach» without losing an iota of its traditional category as a summer event in Andalusia have been deserving of the increasing attention of the media, radio and TV networks, dam ( newspapers, weekly and magazines, both specialist and tourist), etc, both national and international, which meet for a few days on the beaches of San Luis.
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Pilgrimage of El Rocío 2020. The Romería del Rocío is a popular and religious celebration in honor of the Virgen del Rocío. This year and as a consequence of the Coronavirus it will be held in September. A unique opportunity to learn about a tradition around the horse world in a privileged place.
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Andalusia for many reasons is known for being the birthplace of the horse and given this relationship since time immemorial we have great horse riding professionals in our environment competing internationally in all disciplines.
This is why in Andalusia we have great teachers and disciplines of our own, such as Doma Vaquera, La Monta a la Amazona and the art of the Enganche. If you want to learn about these disciplines in clinical format and spend a few days enjoying our climate and gastronomy, do not hesitate, become a clinic.


Doma Vaquera is the most genuine and authentic discipline in Andalusia, come and learn with Joaquín Aguilera, one of the great Masters of this discipline in Andalusia.
We offer a 5-day clinic with 5 hours of training with one of the great professionals of the Doma Vaquera in Córdoba, Joaquín Aguilera, in the facilities of his riding school in Castro del Rio. You will be able to enjoy all his knowledge and the resources of those who have to be today one of the great teachers of the hitch. The clinic includes half board accommodation.


The feminine touch of distinction in horsemanship is undoubtedly the Riding the Amazon, come and learn with the best.
La Monta a la Amazona is one of the most beautiful disciplines of horse riding. Forgotten for a long time, Riding the Amazon has returned with force and is the favorite discipline for horse riders to go to fairs and pilgrimages, being in full swing, and with Amazons competing in any discipline in their bugle saddle.
We offer a 5-day clinic with 5 hours of training with Maribel Ortega Jurado. In its facilities in Córdoba you will be able to enjoy all its knowledge and the resources available to it to be today one of the great teachers of this art. The clinic includes half board accommodation.


The culture of the coupling is intimately linked to Córdoba and its province given the geographical point in which it is located and which has served as a link from antiquity between Anducia and the rest of the Iberian Peninsula as well as between Sierra Morena and the different ports of the Andalusian coast, highlighting the connection with Seville, therefore having a strong link to transport since before the time of the Romans.
We offer a 5-day clinic with 5 hours of training with one of the great hitch professionals in Córdoba, Alfonso Berral. In its facilities in La Carlota you will be able to enjoy all its knowledge and the resources it has available to be one of the great hitch teachers today. The clinic includes half board accommodation.

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